Product Care

Your beautiful organic towel deserves a little extra care to ensure they wrap you in soft luxury for years to come. Please take care to launder gently, especially the first washing.

Unlike mass produced towels, our organic cotton towel benefit from a slow breaking process in order to reach their high absorbency potential.

Before initial use we recommend soaking towels in cold water overnight and hang to drip dry. This step allows the cotton to bloom and begin to reach its maximum absorbency. Each machine wash will make them softer and more absorbent.

This process slowly and delicately teaches the cotton how to absorb water properly while preserving the softness and integrity of the unbleached organic cotton.

* Ecru Towels may need additional soaking and/or additional washes to reach their maximum absorbency. Ecru, the natural, untreated color of the organic cotton, has not been dyed or salt-washed and needs more time initially. Please be patient with your ecru towels! They will become absorbent after being broken in properly.

Washing machine 40°. Tumble dry medium or hang to drip dry. Do not over dry. No bleach or fabric softener.

If threads are snagged and pulled out, simply cut the thread off. This will not damage the piece.

Tip: If you every over-dry your towels and notice a decrease in absorbency, simply repeat soaking process outlined above.