Turkey - much more than a holiday destination with sandy beaches and sunshine; an Aladdin's cave of traditional handmade Artisan crafts. Artisans throughout the centuries have passed on the knowledge and techniques to their daughters and sons, keeping these ancient and often local craft making traditions alive in a modern world where many things are today made by machine.


There were many weaving villages in Turkey. Most of these people have gone bankrupt and lost their livelihoods in weaving because of machine production. There are consequences: None of the children are learning to weave. Thus, boys do not grow up to become commercial weavers and girls do not grow up learning to weave for their own family or teach their own children.




In just one more generation, the art of weaving in Turkey - hundreds of years of accumulated knowledge - could be lost, unless steps are taken to help save it.  Turquoise Artisan Products are made from some of the last families and individuals that still have a weaving tradition in Turkey.


Buying Turquoise Istanbul Towels helps keep these traditional industries alive and supports local sustainable development initiative.